Supiri Wasana Sampatha Lottery Results Sri Lanka

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka - Vasana Sampatha lottery

In early 1994, lottery by the name Vasana Sampatha was introduced to the market by the board. Presently this lottery is drawn every Monday and Thursday.

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka

Vasana Sampatha Musical Show.

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka - Govisetha Lottery

The Board introduced Govisetha lottery in the year 1995 on behalf of the Ministry of agriculture and lands with the objective of generating funds for the Farmers Trust Fund. The fund aims

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka - Supiri Vasana Sampatha

Development Fortune Draw 1804 on 2015-03-20 Result 05 18 43 44 Sign Pisces; Double Bonus Draw 004 on 2015-01-30 Result [32] 06 49 73 Bonus 10

03:53:00: station opening: 03:55:00: seth pirith: 04:05:00: saddharma makaranda: 04:10:00: kithu ovadanak: 04:15:15: rupavahini jathika pasala "(a/l) - ""physics"""

Sri Lanka Rupavahini (TV) Corporation, the State Television stands for the benefit of all Sri Lankans. We do recognise the peoples diversity of expectations, values

National Lottery Board Sri Lanka: Vision:To be the leading contributor, by collecting revenue through Lotteries for the Socio-Economic development of Sri Lanka.

Welcome to the Official Website of National Lotteries Board of Sri Lanka: Copyright NLB.

Shanida wasana sites of the web. Shanida wasana on HeatKeys. Most searches. wasana sampatha 2010 wasana sampatha shanidha wasana oba laga inna mage wasana

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanla

Mahajana Sampatha Special Lottery - Draw No - 2900.

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka - Jathika Sampatha Lottery

The Board introduced this lottery from March 2010 in place of Shrama Vasana and Suwasetha lotteries with a strong prize structure like that of Mahajana Sampatha. This lottery is drawn on Wednesdays

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka - 50th Anivasary

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka - Vasana Sampatha Musical Show

Lucky Hand Ticket Seller - National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka NLB

Facebook Competition Entry of mine for NLB.

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka 50th Anniversary

Mahajana Sampatha - Prize Structure: Matching Pattern Prize (LRK) Prize Structure From right to Left: All 6 Numbers and Letter Correct: Super Prize Starting from

Mega 50 . For the first time in Sri Lanka, the National Lotteries Board launches a Lottery Ticket carrying the largest amount of prize money offered in a one, single

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