Ohio Lottery Tax Calculator

Jay Leno wonders have much tax $ Powerball winner will pay

The mystery of the winner's identity is revealed, and Jay Leno talks about 84 year-old Gloria C. Mackenzie's tax burden.

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Lottery Winning Formula Review-How To Predict And Pick The Winning Numbers

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Once the giddiness from winning money in the Florida Lottery subsides, youll likely wonder how much of your winnings you get to take home after taxes.


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The Ohio Department of Taxation provides the collection and administration of most state taxes, several local taxes and the oversight of real property taxation in Ohio.

A list of resources for Ohio taxpayers. FEATURES. File your taxes electronically Get a refund fast or pay by either electronic check or credit card

A complete listing of social media sites for Ohio's state agencies.

Lottery Advice. What to do with a winning lottery ticket; Who to tell after winning the lottery; What to expect after winning the lottery; Learning how to say "no

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The current default rule throughout the United States is that you must collect sales tax on Internet sales to customers in those states where your business has a

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California Lottery: Lucky Life and Emerald 10's

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Searchable version of the unannotated Administrative Code.

Classic Lotto Annuity and Cash Option Calculator. Please note that the jackpot prize calculator will provide you with only an estimate of the annuity and cash option

Store owners may be cashing in others' tickets

Last May, the I-Team showed you how convenience store owners are cashing in big scratch-off lottery wins dozens of times, potentially with your winning

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