National Lotteries Board Wasana Sampatha Results

National Lotteries Board Wasana Sampatha Results

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka

National lottery results sri lanka mahajana sampatha by Free Sri Lanka Mahajana Sampatha Lottery Results at a rate of Website Informer. Sri Lanka Mahajana

Welcome to the Official Website of National Lotteries Board of Sri Lanka: Copyright NLB.

The Board introduced this lottery from March 2010 in place of Shrama Vasana and Suwasetha lotteries with a strong prize structure like that of Mahajana Sampatha.

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka - Govisetha LotteryThe Board introduced Govisetha lottery in the year 1995 on behalf of the Ministry of agriculture and

Special Prize Awarded from NLB. The National Lotteries Board has a history of 52 years and the 06th of April 2015, is recorded as a historical date.

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