Lottery Result In Sri Lanka Mahajana Sampatha

Mahajana Sampatha Gee Miyesiya -20-01-2012-3

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Super Lottery prize over 50 Million Rupees 21-10-09

The super prize of the Mahajana Sampatha Lottery has now exceeded 50 million rupees. It is the highest prize to be awarded in a lottery or through any other

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka - Jathika Sampatha Lottery

The Board introduced this lottery from March 2010 in place of Shrama Vasana and Suwasetha lotteries with a strong prize structure like that of Mahajana


National Lotteries Board Sri Lanla

Mahajana Sampatha Special Lottery - Draw No - 2900.

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka - Sampath Rekha

Sampath Rekha Lottery is drawn every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Welcome to the Official Website of National Lotteries Board of Sri Lanka: Copyright NLB.

National Lottery Board Sri Lanka: Vision:To be the leading contributor, by collecting revenue through Lotteries for the Socio-Economic development of Sri Lanka.

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka - Supiri Vasana Sampatha

Web site provides all popular Sri Lankan sweep (lottery) results. Its a searchable database, which provides the Name, Number, Date

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka - Govisetha Lottery

The Board introduced Govisetha lottery in the year 1995 on behalf of the Ministry of agriculture and lands with the objective of generating funds for the

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Mahajana Sampatha Gee Miyesiya -1

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Mahajana Sampatha - Prize Structure: Matching Pattern Prize (LRK) Prize Structure From right to Left: All 6 Numbers and Letter Correct: Super Prize Starting from

Mahajana Sampatha

Mahajana Sampatha.

Airport Super Draw 030 on 2013-12-31 Result E 2849; Development Fortune Draw 1767 on 2014-12-23 Result 06 15 26 48 Sign Virgo; Govi Setha Draw 1114 on 2014-12-22

Mahajana Sampatha Gee Miyesiya -20-01-2012-5

info. NATIONAL LOTTERY BOARD Mahajana Sampatha- Rs:33,599, Govi Setha- Rs:21,639, Supiri Wasana Sampatha- Rs:14,513, Vasana Sampatha- Rs

Mahajana Sampatha Gee Miyesiya -20-01-2012-1

Decision to Grant Pensions to Lottery Dealers and Distributors on Eve of Elections Greeted with Skepticism COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (December 13, 2009

National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka - Vasana Sampatha lottery

In early 1994, lottery by the name Vasana Sampatha was introduced to the market by the board. Presently this lottery is drawn every Monday and Thursday.

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