Happy Lotto Winner Stories

Lotto Winner Is $168M Happier - New York Post

Former MSG employee claims Mega Millions lottery prize.

Lottery winners' lives ruined

Drug overdoses, depression and guilt -- CNN's Lisa Sylvester reveals the dark side of winning the lottery.

Millions A Lottery Story Full Length Documentary

December 18, 2014. Leo Charlton of Tewksbury is the latest $1 million winner in the Massachusetts State Lotterys award-winning World Class Millions instant game.

Former lottery winner Cynthia Stafford

On the eve of a large lottery drawing, Piers Morgan speaks with Cynthia Stafford, herself a previous big winner.

50 MILLION REASONS TO BE HAPPY! - Lotto Winners Plan First Ever Vacation


The winning stories and photos on these pages are just a small number of thousands who claim prizes. In our most recent year, players won more than $699 million in

Winning the lottery is just another financial opportunity. Some people make the most of it, while others blow it.

Lottery Winners Who Lost It All | "The HotList"

Winning the lottery is what everyone dreams of. But somehow these lucky winners end up losing it all. Amy Holmes shows you the lotto life isn't all it is

Probability of Winning Lotto 6/49 (Canadian Lottery) Mega Millions, Powerball Lottery Winners Fortune or Misfortune? Probability of Winning Lotto Max (Canadian Lottery)

Would winning the $500 million Powerball jackpot tonight make you happy? Studies and anecdotal accounts of lottery winners suggest that joy is by no means

Breaking News: 1st Division $22 Million lottery winner uses Silver Lotto System to grab September 2013 jackpot.

Mega Millions Lotto "Technical" Winner() Sad Story for

mega million lotto winner hits jackpot real story young man wins lotto real news unbeliable music drake lil wayne wiz khalifa.

Missouri Lottery $ Million Powerball Winner

A millionaire in the making: As Lottery staff gathered footage of the store that sold the winning ticket, we caught the very moment our big Powerball winner,

Lee McDaniel, 67, won $5 million in the Georgia Lottery last year. He says he has seen no downsides at all in winning.

33 | My Lottery Story Spirituality!

Hey Guys!!! Wanted to share my lotto story with you and how my spirituality played a big part! It's important to be in tune with yourself and positivity so

As America continues in its frenzy over the now $640-million jackpot up for grabs in tonight's Mega Millions lottery, one thing's clear: You probably don't actually

How To Be Happier Than A Lottery Winner

Imagine you won the lottery! Happy? Actually if you're like most people, six months after your win, you're no happier than you were before. Yet do a

$25 Million Winner - Bob Erb - Interview (LOTTO MAX)

Congrats to Terrace, resident, Bob who held the winning ticket that split the $50 million LOTTO MAX jackpot on the November 2, 2012 draw. Read more

Philippine GRAND LOTTO (6/55) Winner of 741 MILLION PESOS from Zambales - Nov. 30, 2010

Recorded and uploaded to YouTube by DCRJ (Dan C Rivera Jr)

Read letters from dozens of Gail Howard's first prize lottery jackpot winners with the date, the specific lottery game and the amount of each jackpot won.

The Tragic Stories of the Lotterys Unluckiest Winners. Need a little proof that money doesn't buy happiness? For these 10 lottery winners, cashing in

16 'happy, happy, happy' NJ Powerball winners share their stories

Sixteen county employees won the lottery together, but one of them stole the show. "It's just happy, happy, happy," Willie Seeley crowed Tuesday and he and

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