Development Lotteries Board Lk

B-Sure Breast Cancer Campaign Case Study

'Be-Sure, be breast sure' is a marketing case study that underlines the strength of an integrated marketing communications campaign tasked to create

Celinco Ahinsa 01 Commrcial - 2000

Sanwardana Lottery 02 Commercial 2002

"Pick 6 Lotteries Panicked When This Secret Was "

Are there any Visa Application Centers in Sri Lanka?

416-962-2623 / 1-866-760-2623 Q: Are there any Visa

Holcim making video

Induwara Media.

Searchable Sri Lankan Lottery/Sweep Results of National Lotteries Board (NLB), Development Lotteries Board (DLB), and Mahapola Lotto

Daily Lottery Results. You may receive results of both Development Lottery Board and National Lottery Board lotteries daily.

Sri Lanka's Largest information Lanka, Ceylon Lanka, All about Sri Lanka, Provinces, Districts, Government Offices, Private sector, Hospitals, Roads with

Power Energy Ministry - LECO (Power SupplyBreakdowns) (011) 237 1625: National Gem Jewellery Authority (011) 232 5364: National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol

Around 10 election violation cases reported so far - PAFFREL

The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) was formed as the apex body for Sri Lanka Tourism under Section 2 of the Tourism Act (No. 38 of 2005).SLTDA acts

National Lottery Board Sri Lanka: Vision:To be the leading contributor, by collecting revenue through Lotteries for the Socio-Economic development of Sri Lanka.

Wasanthan TV the latest Tamil Channel begins transmissions 25th June 2009

President Rajapakse launches Sri Lankas latest Tamil TV Channel Wasantham TV. Transmission commenced today at an auspicious The launch of

Sanwardana Lottery Commercial 2002

Development Lotteries Board TV commercial

Teleview - Development Lotteries Board TV commercial.

janajaya lottary result

janajaya lottary result.

Jaffna civilians News Sri Lanka

A musical show was organised in Jaffna to entertain the civilians who had earlier heard only the sound of The Independent Television Network,

info. NATIONAL LOTTERY BOARD Mahajana Sampatha- Rs:33,599, Govi Setha- Rs:21,639, Supiri Wasana Sampatha- Rs:14,513, Vasana Sampatha- Rs

Sri Lanka Export Development Board

The Sri Lanka Export Development Board is the premier for the development and promotion of exports. We strive to ensure that Sri Lanka's potential is

Khomba Shampoo Commercial 2008

Lottery Organization in Sri Lanka. Provide media release and lottery results.

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