California Local Lottery Offices

California Local Lottery Offices

2014 Film Independent Forum | Beyond the Lottery: Californias New Film TV Tax Credit

This summer, the California State Senate passed AB1839, a law that more than triples California's film and television tax credit over the next five years. In this panel, learn from

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: State Legislatures and ALEC (HBO)

While midterm coverage is largely focused on the parts of Congress that do very little, vital (and bizarre) midterm elections are going unexamined. State legislators pass a lot of bills,

CA Lottery: Winners, Winners, Winners!

Our offices have been keeping busy as new winners funnel through the doors. We know how much you love hearing their stories, so check out why these people are so excited! Are YOU next?

CA Lottery: Winner Dresses Up to Claim His Prize

Meet one of our newest winners. He even bought a brand new shirt prior to visiting a CA Lottery District Office. How fancied up would you get for your fabulous photo-op?

A guy has quarter hands in this funny commercial for California Lottery from

A funny TV commercial for CA Lottery directed by Tom Grabon and written by Jeff Richey and Micah Alexander. A boss and his staff experience the sensation of driving

News Conference with "Montebello 11" - California Lottery $12 Million SuperLotto Plus winners!

A group of 11 Montebello Unified School District employees claimed a $12 million SuperLotto Plus ticket sold in Whittier. The co-workers have been playing together for nearly two years

California Man Loses $1 Million Powerball Ticket, Can't Claim Prize

California Man Loses $1 Million Powerball Ticket, Can't Claim Prize This Friday the 13th is indeed an unlucky day for one California man who could have been more than $1 million richer

Unlucky Lottery Winner Loses His $1m Prize

Unlucky Lottery Winner Loses His $1m Prize A California lottery winner has missed out on his $1m prize because he lost his lucky ticket, lottery officials say. The unidentified man came

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is, the saying goes.

2nd Winner of 648M Mega Millions Jackpot Comes Forward Steve Tran of California

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Freedom of information issues in all 50 states:

Dec 18th Mega Millions Lottery .Illuminati Freemason Symbolism. The MillStone ready to Fall.

An investigative look into The Georgia Winner of 1/2 the Lottery ,showing the End of the age Coming. Revelation 18: 21And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast

WhenHank Uberoisaid goodbye to a long and lucrative career on Wall Street in 2004, he could have retired to a life of investing in ventures he loved and tending his 20,000-bottle wine collection.

California Lottery News: Ep. 13 - April

There's a painful lesson to be learned after someone missed out on a million dollar lottery prize. We'll tell you how to avoid the same mistake. Plus, joining a lotto pool paid off

Office Drone Decides To Play The California Lottery

FL Lotto | The System I Use To Win The FL Lotto

FL Lotto - VISIT: - Finally something that works! An exciting and easy system to pick your winning FL lotto numbers. FL Lotto The Florida Lottery

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